You are perfect.

I want to start this blog out by saying, I genuinely believe that you are perfect and beautiful exactly as you are.

Do I feel that way about myself? No...not always, but it's getting easier as I give myself grace & trust and try to love the parts of me I don't feel love for.

You probably came to this blog to see what you need to CHANGE as a "plus-size" human...

Sorry to disappoint, but I'm actually here to tell you to come exactly as you are & not change a thing.

I'm all about celebrating every single body and human that comes in looking for a dose of new confidence. So keep reading for some small tips for flattering your unique body!

Barrie Boudoir Photographer plus size lingerie bedhead boudoir
Barrie Boudoir Photographer plus size lingerie larger shein bedhead boudoir

Photography is about angles.

You don't need to change a thing.

Using my experience and knowledge of angles, lighting and posing - we work together to highlight the parts of your body you love and give less attention to the parts you don't want to focus on, regardless of your size/body.

This is simply me personalizing my technique to your unique body, which I do for everyone.

Every one has that one insecurity (or more): hands, ears, nose, feet, butt, tummy, I've heard it all.

Does this mean that, in order to accept ourselves, we must focus only on what we don't like to see? Absolutely not. But it does help with longterm healing to shine a light on the things we would rather keep in the shadows.

If you want to, great, let's squash those negative beliefs! If you want to hide some things for your boudoir session, that's your choice, and I've got you!

When I say "I'm here for you", I really mean that. I'm here to show you that ALL of you is loveable.

That being said, there are some tips to flattering the gorgeous & curvy body you're in!

I never liquify your body.

Some photographers might offer liquidation editing. This is when the shape of the body is recreated in a thinner fashion.

Personally, I don't think you need this from a boudoir session. (Although, I do offer this as a luxury add-on service, if this is what you're looking for)

Instead, I believe you need to look at the REAL you, so that's what I deliver.

So, how can we use cute outfits to flatter your unique body type?

  • Wear a size up. I recommend this to everyone. Wearing slightly larger sizes is very flattering & more comfortable.
  • Support. The gals (you know who I mean) need to be supported & lifted for you to feel comfortable. Cleavage is a bonus!
  • Oversized sweaters or t-shirts that fall off the shoulder give an enticing look. If you want to take it further, thigh-high socks are a great addition; they can complete a head-to-toe look! No matter the style you aim for, I always prefer softer colors (pastels, off-whites, nude colors,) as they offer a classier, more vulnerable look.
  • Another comfy look is going topless paired with denim jeans. (Make sure they fit loosely, of course. Mom jeans forever!)

Read more about bringing a comfy look in Part two of my What to Wear series.

barrie plus size boudoir photographer. plus sized models. lingerie. bedhead boudoir

What about SEXY?

Part one in my series was about dressing more sexy, and, again, you can follow the same guidelines while being "plus-size".

Every woman should get in touch with their sensual side every now and then.

Boudoir photography will draw out your naughtier self, while still keeping things classy.

I suggest all women, curvy or not, to wear lacy panties. Lace is timeless, sensual and always sexy. For the panties I suggest a “cheeky” shape. The lighting in my studio will shine perfectly on your booty!

An example of what kind of sexy lingerie would flatter more curvaceous women is a lacy bodysuit. You can get these in lace or cotton– both translate well on camera. If you want to wear a two-piece set, wear high-waisted cheeky panties with a matching bra!

Hear me out... Wear nothing.

Why not embrace your body to the fullest? Implied nudity does just this.

Nothing will be more empowering than to shed to near-nakedness. With this lack of coverage, we will cover the private bits with creative posing and things like sheets, robes, blankets or textures. I'll guide you through the whole thing!

You’ll feel scandalous when covering your body with a thin bed sheet; you’ll give "bedroom eyes" if you’re posing on the floor.

No matter what you are wearing or not, posing will be everything!

We will pose you strategically and make sure you feel as sexy as you truly are!

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In Conclusion

If I could scream it from the rooftops, believeeee meeeee I would – EVERY body type deserves to be celebrated, rejoiced over, and embraced.

Too often, women feel bad for how short, tall, thin, curvy, or different they are. This is what makes boudoir photography so different. It reminds the client that they are strong, gorgeous, and desirable no matter who they are! 

When you are ready to book & plan your boudoir session, contact me here!

xoxo, Krysten

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