What to Wear Part II: Comfy & Cute

Written with love by your Barrie Boudoir Photographer, Krysten

One thing that is obvious about what you choose to wear to your luxury boudoir session: it shows your personality. It shows a lot about who you are and what you like. 

We already took a dive into how to achieve the sexy boudoir look — read that blog post here.

But there's another important vibe to keep in mind: Cozy & Cute. I love this look because it makes us feel sexy and intimate without getting racy & bold. You can book your Boudoir Photoshoot or Maternity Photoshoot and bring ANY vibe you want.

I'll reiterate: the most important thing, to me, you can bring are: plain bra/panty sets and white tanks/tees/crops/button ups. If you want other ideas, keep reading!

Keep reading about how to achieve a comfy cozy look for your boudoir session!

Everyday Clothes

The things you like to wear every single day can actually bring just as much sex appeal as wearing lingerie 

You are what brings the sexy element to our session — your soul, your personality, your body

What you wear is just the bow on top of the real gift 

Not only is lingerie often times uncomfortable, but you might not feel like yourself while you’re posing in it. 

If you’re wearing everyday clothes or something comfy, you are going to look cozy sexy while feeling less intimidated by unfamiliar outfit choices. 

What would you be caught lounging around in the house in? Let’s get creative with that!

Model posing in Calvin Klein in front of Christmas Trees. Black Friday 2021. Barrie Boudoir Photographer.
Model posing in Calvin Klein in front of Christmas Trees. Black Friday 2021. Barrie Boudoir Photographer.

Oversized Clothes

Simple, accessible, playful and sexy. A sweater or t-shirt that falls off your shoulder is such a wonderful way to tease the camera! (Aka, your partner)

We want it to be so oversized that you look cozy, but not so oversized that we can’t see your booty.

We don’t want to be constantly adjusting the fabric during your session — so aim for a sweater or shirt that ends right above your bum. P.S — always wear sexy panties under!

We will use posing and subtle techniques to tease them during the shoot — you can find sexy panties at Victoria’s Secret, La Senza, or Aerie

On the flip side — we can also do a tight shirt or cami with no bra underneath — we can also use this to imply you’re not wearing panties to add some extra spice! 👀 

The Essentials

Something on top, something on the bottom, and an accessory to pull it all together — this is the ultimate wardrobe trifecta!

If you want to wear an oversized t-shirt and panties…what else? How do you accessorize it?

Add thigh high socks — these look so comfy, cute and SUPER sexy when combined 

They are more playful than adding high heels but it all depends on what look you want to achieve!

Bring both 😉 

Barefoot is also fun — it is simple, natural and a great vibe. You’ll want to book a pedicure before the shoot!

But... what’s something a little more… fashionable?

Model in cozy Calvin Klein for comfy boudoir session, Barrie Boudoir Photographer, Collingwood ON
Model in cozy Calvin Klein for comfy boudoir session, Barrie Boudoir Photographer, Collingwood ON

One word: Denim.

Jeans or cut-offs with no top is such a vibe

We use your arms or specific poses to cover your chest while lounging in your favourite Levi’s or CK’s. If you can, wear a size larger than usual. This prevents pouching at the top and will actually make you look smaller in your images. 

Hmmm, what else…


These are one of my favourite outfit options because it’s so simple and it really shows those legs off!

Bodysuits are cute and easy to find. If you're in the Barrie, Toronto or Collingwood areas - you probably have a mall nearby to do a little shopping.

I also recommend surfing on SHEIN to find your favourite bodysuit for your session. Amazon has options too!

Little Things...

Think about what overall look/vibe you want to achieve for your shoot and keep the little things in mind

If you want to go bare foot — paint those toes!

If you want to wear a high sculpted panty or bodysuit — try a Brazilian wax or Sugaring!

If you want to showcase your personality without distracting from your face — choose colours wisely. 

My personal recommendation is soft colours like pastels and neutrals. It adds a classy look without being too vibrant or distracting. 

For example — you wouldn’t want to choose bright purple socks, a green bra and orange underwear…Choose complimentary colours. Check out my Pinterest board of Colour Schemes and outfit ideas here.

Like I said in my previous blog — I recommend you only wear chokers and not regular necklaces. They can fall in the wrong place & become a distraction. Rings, earrings, bracelets and body chains are all perfect additions to your outfits. 

When you thought of your boudoir session, you might not have dreamt up any casual comfy outfits…but why can’t we do both!? 

Click here to schedule your comfy boudoir session:  https://bedheadboudoirbooking.as.me/

Barrie Boudoir Photographer tossing hat at the camera. Collingwood, ON. Luxury Boudoir.

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