Hey heyyy - krysten here.

You are probably wondering, why Bedhead?

My answer is simple: I am you.

I struggle daily with self-love, self esteem, confidence, and every way you can write it

It's something I intentionally strive for every single day

I believe this is what makes me a great fit to helping you on your self-love journey: I am the teacher and the student

I will help you see yourself in a new light - one of light, compassion & empowerment

I'm happy to be your Lead Photographer here at Bedhead Boudoir.

I'm ready to book
Barrie Boudoir Photographer showing Premium Albums to a client with luxury champagne in Collingwood, ON

Trust me... I am a loud, weird goofball and you have nothing to be nervous about. I'll probably embarrass myself within minutes and level the playing field 😉

OK, but what else?

Combine my passion for helping you love yourself with my extensive education and practice with posing and flattering all shapes and sizes of bodies, I know you will fall in love with yourself in a brand new way when you see your images.

The Luxury Albums I design and create myself are something I pride my business on. These albums are ONE of a kind, gorgeous, timeless, elegant and ~literally~ last a lifetime. Once you hold a sample album in your hands, you will fall in love with the feelings of confidence that radiate off every single page. (They are also hand-crafted by a female-only team of Canadian women)

I use light, shadow and your natural curves to highlight your body in the most flattering way and we begin with "icebreaker poses" that don't require much/any eye contact. Let's save the model eyes for the end of the session!

I have created an incredibly luxurious and beautiful experience here for you...

...Will you take the leap into self-love with me?






"Krysten made me feel so comfortable about any and all questions I had. From then until my photoshoot day she helped me pick a theme and the perfect outfits to wear!

The day of the shoot I was so incredibly nervous but once I got to the studio, the music was going and Krysten's calming personality I was just fine!
She showed me where to sit, how to pose and encouraged me to be in the moment! I left on a high and couldn't wait to see the end results! The day of the reveal blew my mind so much I bawled.

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