What to Wear: SEXY edition!

Here you will read about how to best prepare to bring the HEAT for your boudoir session, including outfit ideas, examples, and how to accessorize all brought to you by your fave Barrie Boudoir Photographer.

Rather be comfy or cozy? Why not try both? Part 2 of this 3 part series will cover how to prepare for your COMFY boudoir session! (So stay tuned for that blog post)

How to channel the Sexiness within you

There are so many vibes you can bring to your boudoir session

Most commonly: sexy

You want to feel like a powerful, beautiful, goddess — and you will!

Choosing outfits can be pretty difficult — do you even know how many styles of lingerie are out there!?

That’s why I’m creating this in-depth guide on what to wear to your Boudoir Session. Sexy is just the first of 4 parts to this blog series. 

Before we dive in - in my opinion, the most important things you can bring for outfits are: plain bra/panty sets and white shirts (tees, tanks, button ups, crops). If you bring these things, you won't need anything else.

If you want to explore other options - keep reading for inspo

Let's start with one word…


Lace is a perfect go-to texture to use for a sexy boudoir session. It brings a sense of elegance, fun, and allurement.

It’s flirty. 

Scalloped lace bodysuits are my personal favourite — because the texture on the skin is just so clear & beautiful and the scallop frames the booty! Lace bodysuits can be delicate, classy and romantic. 

Want to get a little more hardcore? 

3 pieces: Bra, panty & garter belt 

The full set brings a feeling of power and confidence and adding thigh-high stockings or fishnets just screams sex goddess 😉 

Lace panties come in a variety of shapes and styles. I recommend thongs and especially cheeky styles. The cheeky panty compliments the shape of the booty perfectly, and draping the light just right creates the ultimate contrast between lace and skin.

Definitely bring those cheekies, brazilians & thongs! If you are getting a panty set, make sure the bra and panty match for the best results

If you’re not sure where to buy lingerie — I recommend SHEIN & Victoria’s Secret for the most jaw-dropping sexy lingerie styles: I personally love Teddies!


If you really want to bring a sexy vibe — think “less is more”. For example, we could use a bedsheet to wrap you in and stretch you out over the bed for an “I woke up like this” vibe. You would only need panties for this and it would look best without a ton of jewelry or props. 

Straps are the best accessories — garters, chokers, boots, shoes all bring some drama and desire to your images and lead the eye directly to the straps! Strappy lingerie is also a banger for your sexy session. Victoria’s Secret has no shortage of this style!

Especially where straps are concerned — you should try and wear a size up where possible. The straps and lace can create lines on your skin that are difficult to remove during the editing process. To ensure you don’t have any unwanted lines, wear a size up and go commando the morning of your session. 

Jewelry — bring it! I recommend chokers as the only type of necklace you wear — simply because often times necklaces don’t fall just right & that can be hard to catch in certain poses until after the fact. Chokers will hug your neck and add some sexiness without becoming a distraction. Rings, bracelets and body chains are all perfect to add some luxury to your outfits. Minimalistic pearl or diamond earrings are the best because they brighten up your face without taking away from it. 

Things to Avoid

Everyone has their own unique definition of sexy — but some outfit choices just don’t look great on camera. For example, corsets can be difficult to photograph. In certain poses and angles, they just don’t flatter the body as much as something looser would. Often with corsets we end up with unwanted pouches over the top. They’re fun to use with your honey, but in photographs we want to avoid anything unflattering like this.

I'm also not the biggest fan of babydoll type lingerie - something about the way it hides your best features makes me feel you're better off with a teddy or two piece!

Super tight bottoms. Even the thinnest women gets rolls when wearing something really tight or bending over a certain way. To avoid this looking prominent, don't wear anything that's too tight 

Bright/unnatural colours or patterns - this can distract from your face and body. If you're a colourful gal, bring those bold colours!! But I am personally a big fan of the neutral + simplistic.

Keep it Simple: Go Nude!

Feeling brave!? Implied nudity can be so much fun and it is a great idea for any boudoir session. Having a few images of you in your most natural & vulnerable state — now that’s powerful!

You can even wear panties if you want and we use posing, angles and props to give the illusion that you’re nude. If you are afraid it might look tacky — just take a look at these examples. Could not be more powerful! 

Lastly... I'm a sucker for a pair of wide-holed fishnets. I have several pairs in studio in black and white and they add the perfect sultry texture to your skin. These look especially spicy with nothing on top or with a white shirt/tank hugging your chest.


When it comes down to it, what you wear isn’t the most important thing.

It’s the attitude you bring and the one you leave with. 

You will love having a day all about you — getting pampered, lots of girl talk, champagne, singing, dancing and lots of treats. 

Ready to try it for yourself with all of this new knowledge? Click here to schedule your sexy Boudoir session with me!

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