I'm not a Jack of all trades..

But I am an expert at one.

I'm constantly in awe of photographers who can do it all flawlessly - weddings, families, maternity, branding... they wear multiple hats, and slay at everything they do

However, for this raw, intimate and vulnerable experience... your photographer can make or (unintentionally) break your experience, and along with it, your self esteem

You need someone who has all their eggs in one basket. An expert in all things boudoir.

Keep reading to find out what that means, and what you can expect from your Barrie Boudoir Photographer

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Top quality hair & makeup artists

Not everyone agrees, but in my opinion, professional hair and makeup is non-negotiable for all boudoir sessions. This is why the cost of makeup and hair is included in your session fee.

This is not to say that you don't look incredible as you are - not at all

However, stressing about doing your own hair and makeup before your shoot, or walking in feeling unsure does not translate to on-camera confidence

What does translate is the glow you FEEL after having been pampered by professional, top quality artists who make you feel like your BEST self

Not to mention the hour you get to sit in the chair, chat, loosen up, sip, laugh and ease into the session before you ever put your first outfit on - this is a CRUCIAL part of the experience

Our artists specialize in giving you whatever you want or need - this can mean a bold, drastic look or a natural, glow look for those who prefer less/no makeup

Let us take care of everything, so you can just relax, and show up to be pampered!

barrie boudoir photographer maternity intimate couples shoot

Expert Posing

Personalized posing to flatter any and every body.

This includes showing you the pose first, so you can get a solid visualization before I then guide you into the pose yourself down to every last detail: hair, toes, chest, chin, shoulders and even your lips & breath

Have you ever thought, "what are the best poses for boudoir photos?"

With me, you will know exactly what to do at all times - so don't stress out wondering how to pose or what to do. NOBODY KNOWS what to do until they walk in with an open mind, and let me take care of everything

Posing techniques can be physically taxing - particularly on the lower back, calves and shoulders. Be sure to stretch before and after your barrie boudoir photoshoot!

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Experience with Studio Lighting

Your intimate boudoir photographer needs to know how to highlight your curves

Although we still use natural light, indoor shooting experience is an absolute MUST, because it is vastly different than shooting outdoors during golden hour

Poor indoor lighting can significantly impact how you see yourself, and how your images turn out

barrie boudoir photographer couples intimate shoot wedding gift ideas sexy

Someone who will care for you

Taking great photos is only one part of the job - some photographers can take amazing images, but their personal approach needs work

You can rest assured that I will take care of you.

I am nurturing and caring to a fault, and I infuse these traits into everything that we do together

Thirsty? I'll pour you a mimosa or hot beverage

Scared? I'll talk you down off the ledge

Unsure? I'll run down the whole process with you so you know exactly how the session will go

Indecisive? I'll hand pick your outfits for you, help you get into them and adjust where needed (with prior consent)

The point is, you will feel taken care of, because that is what I'm here for

barrie boudoir photographer intimate photoshoot couples

Someone who can boost your confidence

When your boudoir photographer is unsure about posing, lighting, how to guide you, or how to hype you up... it shows in your gallery, because you never stop feeling stiff & nervous

Someone who stays completely silent during your shoot, not showing you the back of the camera... I just CANNOT relate lol. I am goofy, fun, sometimes loud and embarrassing... there is no pressure or intimidation here lol. My naturally goofy personality will help you relax, unwind and raise confidence.

Speaking of raising confidence - I will also show you every single pose on the back of my camera, so you KNOW with each new pose, you've already SLAYED the last one - and you know leaving the shoot, there's tons of images you already love

I never want you to spend your entire shoot wondering, are any of these photos even good? Am I going to like a single one? I promise you... it'll be harder to pick your favourites than you think.

After 1-2 "icebreaker poses" you will be feeling yourself & strutting around the studio like its your domain!

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Unique connections

Some photographers will simply email your edited gallery when it's ready, and while that can be incredibly efficient and convenient, I can't help but feel FOMO missing out on the first time you see your images

The Reveal Session (which happens in person the same day as your shoot) is a crucial, and probably my favourite, part of the experience

We start with a slideshow of all of your unedited images set to some heart-filling music

Then, we chat about how you feel watching a movie of your blooming confidence

Followed by going through together, one by one, and choosing your favourite images for your album

Sometimes we laugh, sometimes we cry... all feelings are welcome in this safe space

I'll help you choose when you are unsure, point out my perspective, show you my favourites, and then we create a personalized payment plan that is entirely up to YOU - if desired. We also now offer Afterpay so you don't have to wait for your album!!

This connection means a lot to me, and has a greater impact on you and your self esteem than a simple email gallery

barrie boudoir photographer intimate couples shoot session mini

Expert in Album Design & Retouching

Once you pick your favourites, they are retouched by me with my signature warm, romantic and MOODY style

Extensive detail work goes into the retouching process - bruise/blemish removal, skin softening, eye and hair brightening, curve and highlight enhancement, and sometimes more!

Note: altering the body (liquifying, removal of scars, etc) is never included in session fees or image pricing. This goes against our values of "come as you are" and celebrate YOU - although if you really want to change something, we do offer a Premium Retouching Service at an additional cost.

Albums are designed and curated by me, with very specific personal guidelines to tell a story and present your gallery in the most stunning form that will stand the test of time without distractions such as album seams and/or uneven images.

For example - I curate spreads of your album to balance both landscape and portrait images, a few centrefolds, and ensure you are never "looking at yourself" as this can be awkward

If you want to see some sample album designs - click here!

You can also click here to read more details about the album design process.

barrie boudoir photographer intimate couples session photoshoot wedding gift anniversary christmas

You're in luck..

Rest assured, you will find ALL of this & more in your Barrie Boudoir Experience with Bedhead Boudoir!

I know how to take care of you

Leave your worries, fear, stress, ego, pride at the door and step into a new, powerful version of you... she's always been there

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