Printing your Photos

Printing is something I'm pretty passionate about. You don't know power until you've held YOUR boudoir photos in your hand or close to your heart and realized wtf you just did.

I believe that our most important images should always be printed. Don't have a frame? Don't have the perfect spot?

Who cares! Digital images get corrupted, lost, deleted and more - but your album is forever.

Some fun facts for ya:

  • It's estimated that less than 1 in 100,000 photographs taken today end up as a printed image
  • It's estimated that in the last 5 years, more photos have been taken than all of the years prior!

Isn't that wild? We document everything, yet, we keep the "important" images on our camera roll for years without looking at them.

Trust me when I say - holding it in your hands is DIFFERENT than seeing it on a screen. It's night and day. That's why with the purchase of any Premium Album from Bedhead Boudoir, you'll receive the gorgeous physical copy AND the digital copy so you can rest assured knowing your precious memories are safe for decades to come.

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Step 1: Ordering

A few days after your session, we schedule an Ordering session. This is where we jump on Zoom or meet back at the studio and you'll get to see your entire unedited proof gallery via a slideshow set to an empowering, emotional soundtrack. The feels.

We narrow down your absolute favourites, pick an album based on your choices and budget, and your part is officially done!

Step 2: Editing

Once you pick your favourites, I get to work editing them with my signature warm, romantic and vintage style. This step in the process can take anywhere from 1-3 weeks.

Once the editing is done, I start designing your album layout.

Step 3: Album Layout Design

This is where I gather all of your beautifully edited chosen images and I arrange them on the spreads in such a way that tells a story, that shows who you are, that highlights your empowerment.

Some album design rules I follow:

  • Consistent colours: b&w or colour only on each spread, never a mix of both
  • Looking away: flipping certain images so that you aren't "looking at yourself" on any spreads
  • Matching landscape + portrait orientations for the perfect puzzled look
  • Beginning with the cozy or modest images and leading up to the most risqué
  • Putting smiling/laughing photos near the front and the most powerful at the back

Curious to see what they look like when fully designed? Click here to check out my album galleries and see for yourself!

Step 4: Proof & Approval

Once I've designed the layout, chosen your cover material and colour - I put together an Album Proof.

This is a link you'll use to see exactly how your album will look before it's ordered. Once it's ordered, no changes can be made, so this part is important!

It shows you the layout, cover material and colour, cropping, edits, page order, etc. Once you review these things in your proof and give me your written approval, I'll submit your order and send this luxury gift right to your door!

Production & shipping can take anywhere from 1-4 weeks depending on the time of year.

Step 5: Delivery & Instant Joy.

The Album is delivered, wrapped up like the gift it is, right to your door in a protective and discreet package.

It doesn't reveal what's inside, so you can have it shipped to your doorstep without ruining the surprise!

Open it carefully or destroy the tissue paper, that's up to you... but once you get your hands on what's inside, you won't believe your eyes (and if it's a wedding gift, he won't either!)

Did I convince you?

Dying to get your very own custom made boudoir album, designed for you to have for a lifetime?

Send me a message to plan your session. 🖤