It's not for everyone, but...

Outdoor Boudoir isn't for everyone. There's less privacy and less control over lighting and background, putting more variables into the equation.

BUT think about it, how much more natural & raw can you get, than stripping down IN nature, and being one with the Earth and it's creations?

Imagine this: We find a private, grassy field with lots of trees providing shade and privacy. The wildflowers are blooming, so are you, and the sunset is casting a warm golden glow on everything it touches. We hang some sheets as backdrops AND privacy screens - added romance!

You strip down completely naked...stay with me, I know it's scary! But it's just you and I, and we're celebrating your most natural and beautiful form: all of you.

We use your arms, the flowers, the grass to cover what we want to keep private and let the sunshine highlight everything else.

Or, if public nudity is too far (I feel you), we can come prepared with a bag full of delicate, natural, cozy outfits that help bring forth the beauty and the magic of YOU - a woman, choosing to love herself, in her most powerful form.

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barrie boudoir photographer boudoir in barrie luxury album bridal wedding lingerie
barrie boudoir photographer boudoir in barrie outdoor bridal wedding groom lingerie luxury album

But it's so random?

True, wearing lingerie outside can feel a bit random. But we are creating art together, and art can be whatever we want it to be.

We can use lingerie, keep it casual, explore implied or full nudity. Anything we feel like doing, the decision is ours!

We can even use swimsuits to cultivate a more natural look while you're strutting down the beach.

And truthfully...who cares? Who cares what anyone else thinks? Who cares what "makes sense"? Let's think outside the box, and explore a new side of you while connecting to the Earth beneath you.

Plus, we get out of the studio & can enjoy the beautiful weather! We all need to get outside more often. You know it's true!

barrie boudoir photographer wedding bridal groom album luxury lingerie shein outdoor boudoir with an exotic car

What do I wear?

Common question, you aren't alone! My clients are always wondering what they should wear, and luckily with an outdoor session it's really not much different.

Wear whatever feels like YOU! Maybe that means dressing like a country girl, wearing a flowy dress, stripping down nude... and everything in between, the choice is yours. What feels right?

In my opinion, implied nudity was MADE for outdoor boudoir sessions... There's just something so ethereal, delicate and connective about it. You, in a moment, with yourself, feeling the sun on your bare skin. That's the life of a goddess.

I've put together some outfit ideas for you, check them out below!

barrie boudoir photographer outdoor boudoir album wedding bridal beach private

Where does it happen?

Unfortunately, I don't have a private property with a big open field! However, there's lots of less-popular spots around Barrie, New Tecumseth, Caledon, The Blue Mountains, and we can travel to find the best location for YOU and your personality/what you're dreaming to get out of your outdoor Boudoir session!

I know of a few private spots (with full permission from property owner) as well as some public spots that we can use carefully and find as much privacy as possible. Sheets can and will be hung for added texture & privacy!

Alyssa and I actually drove to the city and rented a luxury car so we could use it as a location/prop! How cool is that? It was SUCH a fun day driving around in a stunning convertible only to use it as a shoot location...Living the dream!

Know of a gorgeous, private spot? I'll come to you!

barrie boudoir photographer beach boudoir outdoor session photos album bridal wedding groom luxury lingerie
barrie boudoir photographer beach boudoir outdoor session photos album bridal wedding groom luxury lingerie

A word of warning...

I have to say it: if we're outdoors, we're going to encounter bugs and/or animals.

Please be safe and careful, never approach animals for any reason, and bring your bug spray! Bonus points if it repels ticks, those are the sneaky ones.

I also recommend you bring walking shoes, a sunhat or sunglasses, sunscreen and water! If we are walking for a bit, I want you to feel hydrated and ready!

barrie boudoir photographer beach boudoir outdoor session photos album bridal wedding groom luxury lingerie

Sooooooo, ready to book yours!?

There's so much creativity & wonder waiting for us during an outdoor Boudoir session, it's going to be incredibly unique and not look like any other boudoir session.

I'm now booking outdoor sessions for those that prefer the fresh air, the natural, the real, the raw, the adventure. These sessions can be booked anytime until November.

I promise, this is going to be SO worth the travel 🤩

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