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bedhead boudoir barrie boudoir photographer
bedhead boudoir barrie boudoir photographer lingerie shein
bedhead boudoir barrie boudoir photographer

From Chelsea's Wedding Gift...

"I’ve always wanted to do a boudoir session, but like most women, I was afraid of not liking what I saw, scared to be photographed by a stranger, and feeling like my personality wouldn’t translate on camera. I’ve never been happier to be wrong.

During our shoot, my initial instinct was to feel vulnerable and exposed. I had never done something like this before, but I felt like for the first time I was giving myself permission to view my own body as sexy, beautiful, and commanding. As the shoot went on, Krysten acted a my person hype-woman. I never had to worry about positioning, hand placement etc., because she was there to help and guide me. The vulnerability slipped away.

After we finished shooting, I was incredibly emotional. I felt so raw - as if I had just shed a layer of myself that I didn’t know needed to come off. Reflecting back, I see now that I needed to let go of my negative self-talk, and this experience gave me that opportunity, one which I will forever be grateful for.

When we did the photo reveal, I literally couldn’t believe what I was seeing. For the first time in my life, I loved what I saw of myself in a photograph. As a woman who has struggled with low self-esteem my entire life, I can’t tell you how freeing and euphoric that was for me. Every time I look at my photos now, I feel those same emotions.

This was not just a photo shoot. This was an emotional and mental transformation.

I went into this expecting to have a few sexy pictures to look back on. I came out of it with a new appreciation for myself as a woman. I could not have done this without Krysten. I cannot recommend her and her team enough.

Quite simply, this has been a life changing experience."

Goosebumps every time I read this genuine testimonial from a recent client. So grateful that you gave yourself this opportunity!

bedhead boudoir the bedhead studio Barrie Boudoir Photographer lingerie shein
bedhead boudoir barrie boudoir photographer

From Crystol's Self Love Journey...

"I followed Bedhead Boudoir's Instagram page for a while seeing Krysten post such beautiful photos of these incredibly brave women.

I kept thinking "I wish could do that."

Finally I got up the courage to message her and ask about it. From the first few minutes of our Zoom call I knew I was going to do it! Krysten made me feel so comfortable about any and all questions I had. From then until my photoshoot day she helped me pick a theme and the perfect outfits to wear!

The day of the shoot I was so incredibly nervous but once I got to the studio, the music was going and Krysten's calming personality I was just fine! She showed me where to sit, how to pose and encouraged me to be in the moment!

I left on a high

I couldn't wait to see the end results! The day of the reveal blew my mind so much I bawled. I couldn't believe that those were photos of ME. Krysten not only took beautiful photos of me but she showed me that I am beautiful! That I am this sassy, confident and strong woman I always wanted to be!

My time with her seriously changed my life. It wasn't just a photoshoot but a reawakening to this new amazing life I have been living since!

I am so very lucky to have met Krysten and gave a chance to her wonderful business! Not only did I get amazing photos but a very beautiful friend as well!"

The profound impact that this experience had on Crystol was a huge motivation for me. Could I really help women feel GOOD about themselves, down to their core? Well it turns out, yeah, I can. And I won't ever stop!

bedhead boudoir barrie boudoir photographer
bedhead boudoir barrie boudoir photographer

From Kelly's 50th Birthday...

"Krysten and the entire Bedhead Boudoir experience was great. I found her through a friend that posted amazing photos and loved the vibe and moody shots she delivered.

I've always hated the camera and have been told many times that I'm unphotogenic - and the results always proved that.

Enter Krysten - from beginning to end she made the experience comfortable, fun and easy. Makeup and hair were taken care of beautifully as part of the cost of the shoot.

I felt confident the entire time that we would get some beautiful photos and Krysten delivered.

All of the photos turned out great it was difficult to decide which ones to get!! I love looking at them - they have really raised my confidence and its awesome to finally have pictures that capture me so beautifully.

They were also delivered really quickly to boot.

Thanks Krysten for everything, you're a great photographer and warm, personable and professional to boot!"

Thank you for celebrating with me, Kelly, you are beautiful in so many ways & I am grateful that our paths crossed.

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