Let's get this straight right now...

Contrary to popular belief: Boudoir Sessions are NOT only for married or coupled up people

So often I hear "I just don't have anyone to do this for. Maybe when I have a boyfriend..."

Babe, WHAT? Don't you deserve to celebrate YOU, regardless of who is in your life?

Don't you want to see yourself, feel yourself, connect to yourself, trust yourself?

You may think you need someone else to justify the expense or the "big deal" - but I'm here to show you that Boudoir Sessions are for YOU and only you, and you don't need a partner to enjoy the experience or feel the empowerment for years to come.

Self Care is Everything

It isn't about your partner, although a boudoir album makes a mind-blowing gift for them.

It's about choosing you, and seeing you, and loving you.

It's about coming alive with feelings of empowerment and honouring yourself in a new, exciting, fun way.

Boudoir Sessions are made for everyone. Every human, gender, orientation, sexuality, race, religion, the list goes on. Everyone should experience this at least once in their lifetime!

When was the last time you had a full day entirely dedicated to you? Not your partner, kids, friends, family...you.

To come in with butterflies, sit down and get pampered with glamorous & professional hair and makeup artistry. To sip on some refreshing champagne while Emma is playing with your hair. Sounds amazing right?

A Boudoir Session is the ultimate confidence boost you didn't even know you needed until AFTER.

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Barrie Boudoir Photographer tattoo artist lingerie plus size shein bedhead boudoir
Barrie Boudoir Photographer tattoo artist lingerie plus size shein bedhead boudoir

Do it for YOU.

You don't need a "special someone" to do a boudoir shoot. BE your special someone and watch your confidence soar.

Sabrina, a single woman looking for deep empowerment said this:

"I have been following Krysten on social media for a while now, and I have always wanted to do a boudoir photoshoot with her. 2021 was overall an extremely difficult year for me - mentally, emotionally and physically. Krysten and I talked about booking a photoshoot for a while and I FINALLY booked one in December of 2021 for January of 2022.

A couple of days before my session, I expressed a few of my body insecurities to Krysten. She was very understanding and I cannot express how much I appreciate her ❤️

The moment I met Krysten, I knew we were going to become really good friends.

She radiates positivity, love, kindness and empowerment; her vibe is contagious.

Her makeup and hair artist (Emma) transformed me into a GODDESS. Throughout my session, Krysten made me feel very comfortable and confident in my skin - I can honestly say it was/is a judgement free zone.

Krysten helped me find my inner Goddess again, and brought my confidence back to life.

Not only did I gain my confidence back, but I also gained strong, beautiful, empowering and courageous women/friends who constantly remind me how beautiful I am.

When Krysten and I were discussing and picking photos to add into my album, I almost cried … happy tears ❤️ Let me tell you!! Krysten did an AMAZING job with the layout of my album and the quality is fantastic.

If there is one piece of advice I can give to the person reading this, it is … DO THE PHOTOSHOOT! Do the photoshoot for YOU.

We sometimes spend too much time and energy trying to impress other people, or we do things to make other people happy. Put that time and energy into yourself and make YOURSELF happy.

Make YOURSELF a priority and always remember that you are beautiful. At the end of the day, you are your longest commitment.

Put yourself first … always."

Well, couldn't have said it any better myself!

Treat Yourself!

So, do yourself a favor and treat yourself to one of the best experiences that a woman can have.

You’ll leave feeling amazing, confident, and beautiful.

And when you see your images for the first time you will KNOW you are a gorgeous, beautiful woman who is, more than good enough!