Session prep can be stressful

Wondering where to get your nails done in Barrie? Best hairstylist? Where to get a wax? The best spray tan in Barrie?

Keep reading for all of my favourite vendors for your pre-session beauty and wellness services!

I'm not just your Barrie Boudoir Photographer... but also, your Tour Guide for the entire boudoir journey. If you feel overwhelmed, reach out to me directly and I can help you coordinate and plan your service appointments to minimize your stress.

Whether you're wondering where to get your eyebrows done, lashes extended, or body waxed - I have something for you, so keep reading, Baddie!

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Being hairless is definitely not required. In fact, most body hair does not translate on camera. If you are someone who wears their body hair proudly, I want you to know that you will be celebrated as you are, and hair removal is NOT required or even recommended.

However, I know some people want to feel smooth coming in for their shoot, so I thought I'd include hair removal in my vendor recommendations!

I personally recommend Sugar Bare Body Bar in the Georgian Mall. The best body wax in Barrie, and you'll get a sugar wax instead of a regular one. I haven't personally tried sugar waxing, but it's said to be better for your skin and less painful than traditional waxing.

The ladies at Sugar Bare are hilarious, kind, welcoming and knowledgable. Book your wax at least 3 days before your shoot to avoid any redness in your gallery (always get your wax BEFORE a spray tan!)

Are you like me and prefer to shave? Fear not - razor burn can be edited out!

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Spray Tan

Again, tans are not required, but many of you ask about them, so I'm going to recommend my fave local gal

If you're considering spray tans in Barrie, Tans by Tash, of course, is your go-to!

Tash is sweet, encouraging, knowledgable and will have you leaving LITERALLY glowing. She knows how to compliment your unique skin tone, hair and eyes by curating a custom, natural looking tan.

You'll want to book your spray tan with Tash for at least 2-3 days before your shoot, and after you get any waxing done. Make sure the tan has time to settle before coming into the studio. Follow her prep and aftercare instructions carefully!

Nails, Brows, Lashes... Oh my!

Okay so if you're like me and you LOVE a one-stop shop... Julia T Beauty is your QUEEN!

Not only is she one of two Glam Queens you'll be pampered by at your boudoir shoot (also shoutout Makeup by Mcleod), but Julia also does nails (even custom press-ons), brows and lashes!

She is the sweetest, most talented and hilarious beauty queen you'll meet this year. I fully recommend Julia for all of your needs. If you're researching where to get your eyebrows done in Barrie, lash technicians in Barrie or nail salons in Barrie - she's got you!


If you're wondering what to wear to a boudoir shoot, I've got you covered in more ways than one!

Not only do I have an extensive client wardrobe (sizes XS-4XL) included in all session fees, but I can also help you find and choose your own outfits to bring.

I always recommend you bring at least one outfit you know you love & fits well. I have dozens of options - but everyone's style and body type are different. To avoid disappointment, bring at least one outfit you love - even if it's just a plain bra and panty set or Calvin Klein lounge set (matching is best) We loveeeee the minimalistic look!

The client wardrobe on site includes Teddys, Bodysuits, Babydolls, 2-5 pieces with garters and stockings, and even dresses and button-up shirts. We also have tons of plain white tanks/tees for you to feel incredibly sexy in the simplest of items. Finally, we have all the accessories - straps, belts, pasties, fishnets, harnesses, cuffs, blindfolds, and soooo much moooreeeee...

That being said... you can always order outfits from SHEIN if you're looking for a cheap, quick way to get outfits on a budget. I love the quality of my SHEIN outfits.

I know not everyone is a SHEIN fan, rightfully so. In this case I recommend the beautiful local pieces at Brabary Lingerie. Or, the Toronto-based Asta Intimates.

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YES - some of you baddies want to get tatted before your sessions. I have two absolute queens that I could not recommend more. But act fast, their waitlists can be lengthy due to their incredible talent and sweet personalities. If you're wondering about tattoo artists in Barrie, look no further!

Jordyn Tattoos is located in Oro-Medonte and Kelsey Nicoloff (Black Kitten Tattoos) has recently moved to Toronto. She's worth the trip!

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There ya go, Babes!

These are all of the most common questions I get before a boudoir shoot. None of these things are required - as I always say: Come as you are. However, I thought some of you may find this list helpful so you know my tried and true service providers in the Barrie and GTA area!

Is there anything else you're wondering!? Send me a message below and let's chat - maybe I'll even add it to this list!