How do I pose for a boudoir shoot?

I hear this a lot, and if you're wondering how to pose for a boudoir photoshoot, I've got you covered.

"I don't know how to pose for a boudoir shoot"

"I'm awkward"

"I don't know what to do with my face"

Girllllll, nobody knows what to do!

That's why I'm your Barrie Boudoir Expert 🫡

Although I won't give away my entire posing workflow, let's go through how posing works, how I take care of every little detail, and we will go into specifics of one pose included in my regular workflow 👇

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How it works

Posing is unique to everyone, every body, every dynamic

I have a standard workflow that I personalize to each person that walks in

Posing is personalized depending on:

  • Your goals for the session
  • Your comfort level with exposure
  • Your physical limitations for posing
  • Your favourite & least favourite parts of your body
  • Your outfit choices
  • How much time we have (always recommend the Lush session!)
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barrie boudoir photography intimate nude tasteful classy timeless

How do I show you the pose?

At the very beginning of our shoot, I will explain to you that I am always going to show you the pose first

Beginning with ice breaker poses (easy/less facial expression involved), I bring you to the area of the studio we're going to use

I will climb onto the bed or couch (or floor lol) and get into the boudoir pose one body part at a time

I'll go over exactly what I'm doing from head to toe, giving you the "highlights" of the pose and remind you that you do not have to memorize what I say, as it's mostly a visual, and I will then guide you into it

I show you how the pose will look with everything put together, and then climb down

"When you're ready!" I say, grabbing my camera and adjusting my settings

You climb up, and you forget everything I just said 😂 It's okay! It happens every time

I'll guide you into the best boudoir poses step by step, staying mindful of hair, neck, shoulders, back arch, booty, belly, legs, toes, and even your lips and breath. Only with your prior consent - I'll adjust your hair, straps, etc. At any time during the pose if it becomes too much, too painful, or too strenuous - please do not hesitate to just stop. Stop the pose, take a breath, stretch, and we will move on.

I'll do my thang, and then tell you when you're Gucci to drop the pose! Then we look at the back of the camera, get excited, and move onto the next one! Keep reading for specifics on one of my fave poses, so you can envision EXACTLY how easy it is to listen to my guidance

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Let's Dive into a specific pose

One of my favourites, and included in most workflows, is this killer ice-breaking pose

We often start off with this one because it sets the tone, gets you FEELIN yourself, and expertly shows off your entire back arch from the neck to the booty

Here's what the pose looks like, and then we will get into specifics on how to achieve it and word for word what I'll tell you in studio to guide you into this booty-pop champion 👇

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Step by step...

I'll climb onto the bed, and start showing you bit by bit how we achieve this incredible booty pop and back arch 👇

  1. Start on all fours
  2. Starting from the top, we want to have our thumbs touching directly in front of our heads on the bed, with long straight arms. Thumbs touching & long straight arms allow us to easily sink those shoulder blades back and nail that sexy posture.
  3. Drop your head, and I'll flip all of your hair over your head to hang (with your consent). Look down at your hands.
  4. With your knees together and toes pointed, hike your right knee a few inches forward to create some depth in the hips.
  5. Once I tell you (and no sooner, because it isn't comfy to hold) you're going to CRANK IT.
  6. By crank it, I mean: send your shoulder blades back and toward each other, your belly button down to the bed, and your booty up into the air without sinking into one hip - keep it square.
  7. Most importantly - don't forget to breathe. It will show in your gallery as tense shoulders and stiff posture. I'll remind you of this constantly.
  8. I'll take several different angles and compositions of this same pose before setting you free, check out the variations below, where the client never moved, but I did!


Most of the poses in my workflow, this one very much included, are incredibly versatile

There are so many different angles, crops, compositions, and perspectives we can bring to life and enjoy for a huge variety in that album design

So, to wrap things up...

I pose you from head to toe. I show you first. I guide you into it. I remind you to breathe, and to relax into the moment. I snap multiple angles and compositions, all while yelling about how great you look, and then I tell you to relax. We stretch a little, pull an outfit change, and move onto another sexy pose!

Sooooo, do you trust me as your barrie boudoir photography expert? If you do... book yours today 🤩