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How to make the most of your time in studio/during your session!

So keep reading for plenty of tips, prep and advice on making the most of the 2.5-3 hours you'll spend at The Bedhead Studio during your barrie boudoir photoshoot! Keep scrollin' babe

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Before your shoot

How can you make the most of your studio time, before you even walk in the door? There are so many ways to keep the day running smoothly, so here we go 👇

  1. Schedule prep appointments at least 3-4 weeks before your shoot. These things aren't required, but if you do want to get nails/wax/tan/brows done beforehand, scrambling last minute will do nothing but stress you out. A month before your shoot, book your service appointments. I recommend doing the wax 3-4 days before your shoot and before getting a spray tan (2-3 days before).
  2. Have an idea of the hair & makeup you want. Before your shoot, go through our artist's portfolios or surf through Pinterest to find your desired hair and makeup look. 80% of clients just leave it up to the artist, and 100% of clients feel ecstatic about the results. It's not required, but if you want a specific vibe, research before you come.
  3. Pick & plan your outfits beforehand, and don't bring too much. There is no limit on the number of outfits you can wear, as long as we finish the session in the allotted time frame (60 or 90 mins, depending on which session type you booked). This typically means 3-6 outfits. Although you can bring a duffle bag full of options, the most efficient thing to do to save time sifting through is to pick outfits and plan what order you want to wear them before the shoot. Start with what makes you feel the most confident, or the most modest/least exposed, and work through the rest. I can help you do this when you get to the studio, but it does cut into shooting time, so if you want to make the most of your barrie boudoir photoshoot - plan ahead!
  4. Decide how far you want to go. Have an idea before your shoot if you want to stay concealed/modest, experiment with topless/risque poses, or go ALL out with implied/full nudity. I will never push or pressure you into experimenting with anything you don't want to. I do this to respect you and your boundaries. However, I have had some clients come back and say they regretted not going all out, because it's for their eyes only and they ended up feeling a lot safer than they originally imagined. You are always allowed to change your mind - but have an idea of where your boundaries lie beforehand to ensure we make the most of the time you have in studio, and you don't leave regretting doing/not doing something!
  5. Save/screenshot poses. Although I take control of the posing workflow and cannot guarantee we will have time for anything else - just incase we do, bring screenshots from my/others' portfolios for things you may want to try. Usually if we can, at the end, I ask if there's anything you want to try and this is where you can take the wheel with posing.
  6. DO NOT SKIP ANY MEALS. I do not want you coming into the shoot starving yourself. If you feel light headed or need to stop for a snack, this takes time from our shoot, and is generally not good for you. Please do not skip meals.
  7. Come sober. This may seem like a given to most, but it isn't. If I am under the impression you are intoxicated in any way, you will have wasted both of our time, because you will be immediately asked to leave with no refund of the session fee retainer paid.
barrie boudoir photographer intimate couples shoot
barrie boudoir photographer intimate couples shoot

The Day Of

There are some things you can practice the day of your shoot or the day before that can help make the entire day run smoothly! Here are my best tips for how to prep for your boudoir shoot.

Let's dive in 👇

  1. The clothes you wear to your shoot matter. Wear a button/zip up with nothing underneath on top. This will prevent skin indentations as well as pulling a pullover/shirt/tank over your freshly done hair and makeup. A button/zip up can be undone and taken off without touching your hair/face. Skip the bra, so you don't have lines on your skin in your final gallery. As for bottoms, if you're comfy, go commando for the same reason as above. Wear loose pants without an elastic at the bottom. Try not to wear tight socks either. Instead, bring your cozy slippers, slides or crocs
  2. Moisturize. Especially if you have new-ish tattoos or are prone to dry skin/coming in the winter - moisturize before you come. You can also use the moisturizer I've provided in studio (it is scented)
  3. Let me know if any physical limitations/special requests before the day of your shoot. If you are pregnant, have back/knee/hip pain, any injuries, large bruises, etc. Please let me know before your shoot day so that we don't waste a moment in-studio altering your session plan to accommodate these things. For example, if you have back pain, a LOT of my regular posing workflow is out of the question. This doesn't mean I won't have anything for you, I have plenty, but it will take a bit more time to stray from my established workflow. It's best to discuss these things before you book!
  4. Skip the deodorant. I know, especially on a hot day, you may feel gross. However, I'd rather you have a bit of stank than spend time cleaning/editing deodorant from the underarms. Bring it with you so you can put it on as soon as you're done so you can feel comfy.
  5. Wondering what to bring to a boudoir shoot? Water, snacks, caffeine (if desired), and an open mind. Pack your outfits, shoes, and accessories the night before to avoid morning-of stress.
  6. Change quickly. You aren't in a rush, but changing outfits takes time out of the shoot. Try to change as quickly as possible to avoid wasting time. Our timer begins when your hair and makeup is done! This means if you spend time redoing your hair over and over, or trying on every outfit twice or taking selfies in the bathroom, you will get less shooting time/less images/less outfits/less variety. Save the selfies for the end!
  7. Breathing/meditation. You are nervous, and possibly anxious. Take some time right before or the morning of, do a ten minute guided meditation with the free app "Insight Timer". It can be targeted for anxiety, panic attacks, confidence boost, gratitude, anything you could think of, they have it. If you don't want to meditate, practice slow, deep box breaths before coming into the studio to set yourself into a calm state.
barrie boudoir photographer intimate couples shoot
barrie boudoir photographer intimate couples shoot how to prepare for a boudoir shoot

After your Shoot

This may not be making the most of your in-studio time, but there are still more steps in the process, and these tips will help you make the most out of the rest of the experience 👇

  1. Have a budget in mind. Sit down and calculate what your budget is, keeping in mind that the minimum order is $300 and most of my clients are spending between $900-2000 on their luxury albums & images. This will save time during the reveal appointment, where we have 60 mins to pick your favourites and place your order/work out a payment agreement.
  2. Sit with the investment menu. This price list is sent via email after your shoot & before your Reveal appointment. You will see specifics of each album, print, add-on, and digital and what the cost is. Read through the investment menu and decide where you'd like to sit. Don't worry - you will get the opportunity to touch, feel and fall in love with all of our product options in studio after your shoot before you head home.
  3. Think about your payment agreement. If you're hoping to use a payment plan (a card is required to be auto processed), it's best to think of a few things before the Reveal session. For example, when are your paydays? Do you want to do monthly, biweekly, or weekly payments? How much do you want each payment to be? (Payments can be any amount over $100 before tax) What date do you want your album back by? Finally, have your credit card ready as it's taken at the end of the call and every moment counts.
  4. Download & update Zoom. Reveals take place over Zoom, and the 60 minutes begins at the scheduled start time. If you sign in 20 minutes late due to downloading/updating Zoom last minute, you will only have the remaining time to choose your images. Be sure to respect both of our time, update before the call, and schedule your Reveal for when you know you will be at home/at work in a private and quiet area ready to give it your full attention.
barrie boudoir photoshoot Innisfil Orillia toronto Tottenham alliston beeton intimate couples
barrie boudoir photoshoot Innisfil Orillia toronto Tottenham alliston beeton intimate couples

In Conclusion 🧐

That was a lot. But if you want to make the most out of every moment you are investing in, and savour the time - follow these guidelines for before, during and after your shoot.

These tips ensure you have more variety, more time, more poses, more outfits, more images, and more options.

We always want MORE 😎

I can't wait to see you during your intimate portrait experience at The Bedhead Studio 🤍🤍