It's not just you.

Every person that comes to me is so beautiful. Seriously, every single one of you is a supermodel to me.

But, we don't feel that way about ourselves, we have certain things we want to hide... we have insecurities.

Let this sink in: we all have them. You are not flawed. You are not broken. You are not worthless. You are HUMAN.

Here's what one brave woman had to say after choosing herself:

I have my insecurities just like every other woman but when you see those pictures on the other side of the camera it makes you fall in love with yourself. I know a lot of women would and should have this experience to be able to give those pictures to their significant other but most importantly you should do this for you!

I'm saying this: it doesn't matter who you are. Skinny, curvy, white, black, confident or shy and everything in between - every single human has insecurities, and we can't let them keep stopping us from living for ourselves.

We can't let them stop us from showing skin, from taking up space, from celebrating who we are and what we look like!

I've had woman of all shapes and sizes share their insecurities with me - and some of them are barely noticeable to the person outside the body in question. So if you take anything away from this blog, let it be that it isn't you and you aren't broken. You are whole and always have been.

Without fail, every single woman sees something different on the other side of the photoshoot. This is an experience.

Ready to take control back?

Conquer your insecurities & show them who's BOSS by booking a boudoir shoot and pushing through your fears.

Something that always helps potential clients feel more comfortable on their decision is to book a pre-session consult. We can meet up on Zoom, get to know one another, tear those walls down & erase any roadblocks that might stand between you and these feelings of confidence & power.

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Hi, Krysten here!

I'm Krysten, your Barrie Boudoir Photographer and self-love advocate. I pride myself on the ability to show woman of all shapes, sizes and backgrounds how unique, beautiful & sensual they are through luxury boudoir photography & unique premium albums.

I'm a lover, healer, feeler and empath - and I'm here to infuse these things into your life so that you can see YOU the way others do. With love, compassion & admiration.

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