Why do you need an In-Home Session!?

I may be your Barrie Boudoir Photographer but I'm actually all over the map! I choose studios in the Barrie, Collingwood, Toronto & Mississauga areas

You see these beautiful studios, but none of them are really your vibe

You can’t make Mondays/Tuesdays (my studio days) work but you REALLY want to do this

You want to be the most comfortable you can possibly be — surrounded by your own personal belongings and one-of-a-kind vibe 

Here’s your solution: Invite me into your home for an In-Home Boudoir Session!

These images are some of the most intimate, natural and personalized images you could ever ask for

Imagine placing your favourite jewelry on your end table, getting to curl up in your favourite sheets, and getting to sprawl out like a sex goddess on your very own couch

Women posing on a vintage couch for an in-home boudoir session. Barrie Boudoir Photographer. Barrie, ON
Woman in underwear posing and stretching in front of a window. Barrie Boudoir Photographer.

Why do I recommend an In-Home Session?

Honestly, half for me and half for you!

I know you will feel exponentially more sexy & confident in the comfort of your own home 

I know you will have all of your favourite outfits, accessories & everything you need at your fingertips

I know that packing up & heading to a studio might not be available to you

I know that coming into someone’s home that I’ve never seen before and conjuring up all of the creative ideas I possibly can gets me so so excited — you’ll get more unique and creative images in your gallery when going this route 

There’s no time constraints, no rushing, no pressure

In-home sessions are my favourite because they are intimate & elegant 

You look & feel natural and cozy 

Do you have instruments at home that mean a lot to you, but can't be transported? Do you have a shit ton of plants that you want to be surrounded by? A creative/art room that you want to incorporate? These are all perfect reasons to have us in your home instead of in-studio.

You won’t believe how good you and your house look after an in-home session like this

Woman playing piano in the comfort of her home. Barrie Boudoir Photographer
Woman dressed cozy, curled up by the couch for an in home boudoir session. Boudoir photography in my own home. Barrie ON
Woman in lingerie and high heels stretched out on her living room floor. In home boudoir session in Barrie, ON

So, how does this work?

Well, first pick a date that works for you to be home alone — no partner, no kids, and no distractions!

Myself & my team of hair & makeup Artists will pack up and bring ALL the luxury of a studio session into your very own space!

You still get all of the incredible goodies that everyone else gets in-studio, but without even having to walk out that front door 

NEW — book an in-home session and get Two FREE digital images with your minimum order!

Woman posing in lingerie in front of her dresser and mirror for an in home boudoir session. Barrie Boudoir Photographer
Woman posing in cute lingerie in her home for an at home boudoir photoshoot. Barrie Boudoir Photographer

Studios are a blast, but they are not one-size-fits-all

No human is either

Thats why I like to offer all the possible options so every unique soul can find something here with me

Not into a studio, house isn’t your aesthetic either?

More options right here for ya, Babe 👇

Outdoor sessions are a thing too — but we might want to wait until Spring 😆 

Have you ever been to a luxury airbnb or hotel room? This is absolutely an option for your unique Boudoir Session

Cabin rental — we can rent an A-frame or gorgeous cozy & rustic cabin and make your boudoir session happen in THE most gorgeous way — these sessions are hard to get due to cabin availability

Woman in lingerie posing for an in home boudoir session. Barrie Boudoir Photography
Woman posing in front of a city landscape. Toronto Boudoir Photographer

Whatever it is...

No matter what you envision or dream up for YOUR boudoir experience, I will make it happen for you

Come as you are & trust in me

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