I get it.

Modest clients are not an uncommon thing, meaning it's totally fair for you to want to keep some clothes on, or being nervous to strip down completely.

I mean, you are literally paying a stranger from the internet to photograph you naked... that's f***ing scary.

I'm also aware that women who haven't given birth before are more self conscious of stripping down (not always, but a lot of times) because they haven't yet showed their entire coochie to a team of medical staff.

Luckily for us, it's just going to me you & me. I photograph women half or fully nude for a living, so best believe I won't be uncomfortable, I won't be awkward and I won't judge you or your body - fully nude or fully clothed. This is a safe space.

More often than not, we start modest and you're already feeling yourself enough to explore those scarier, riskier poses and outfits or even implied nudity. You NEVER have to or are expected to, but always gently encouraged to explore that deeper, more vulnerable and sensual side of yourself.

I've been asked "How do you help guide your modest/nervous clients during their session, especially first timers?"

And I decided to dedicate an entire blog post to it because it is just such an important question!

Step 1: Lots of Session Prep

Step one is preparing you for the shoot. I have TONS of blogs & guides all filled with the best prep tips, advice, motivation, inspiration and resources. This means specific examples of outfits, hair and makeup ideas, and where to go for all of your session prep (nails, hair, brows, lashes, I got you covered.)

During the consultation process, we chat about outfits and how we can use them to flatter your unique body type. You know that if you're feeling confident in your outfit, you'll feel confident in yourself - this will translate through the camera and into your gallery, giving you feelings of power & confidence.

In my FREE Boudoir Guide (subscribe to our newsletter to get it for yourself!) - we go over affirmations and grounding activities that you could do the morning of your shoot to really get that deep impact. Repeating some things in the mirror might feel silly at first, but affirmations are extremely powerful tools to better care for yourself and raise your confidence in your capabilities. Try it tonight before bed. Silently repeat affirmations to yourself that FEEL GOOD

"I am safe"

"I am home"

"I am forgiven"

"I am whole"

"I am not broken"

These are all great affirmations to use, and you can think of longer or shorter ones that make your soul feel seen.

Modest nervous clients unsure anxiety boudoir photography shein lingerie bridal wedding

Step 2: Icebreaker Poses

The first few poses you do when you wear your first outfit are intentionally designed to have you doing less and feeling better. This means they are simple, modest and don't require a ton of facial expression. This is a technique used to quickly boost confidence while not asking too much from you at first.

Once you see these first few on the back of the camera, you're going to feel SO good about the rest of the session. We use that momentum to explore more and more daring outfits or poses - ONLY if you want to. You will never be pressured into exploring more than you are comfortable with.

By the time the first 3 poses are done, you are already glowing. Ride this high & push the limits of your comfort zone, you won't regret it!

Remember this: most of my clients have NEVER done anything like this before. And they did incredible. You will too!

You will be able to see the transformation of confidence between the beginning and end of your gallery - and fall in love with every version of yourself.

Peep some icebreaker poses below!

Bedhead boudoir barrie boudoir photographer photography shein lingerie wedding bridal album
Bedhead boudoir barrie boudoir photographer photography shein lingerie wedding bridal album

Step 3: The Vibe

Once you walk in, you'll see, it's just the vibe.

The studio, the burning candles, the calming music, the welcoming and loving personalities of both myself and your hair and makeup artist will have you feeling instantly soothed & calm.

We work hard to provide an environment where you can relax.

Where you feel safe to be you, and whoever you want to be, really.

Where you can be vulnerable, confident and exposed.

Where you will leave feeling like a whole new version of you.

barrie Orillia oro medonte boudoir photographer
barrie Orillia oro medonte boudoir photographer wedding bridal album

It's just me

It sounds like a brag... but it's been shown to me time and time again, so I've decided to roll with it

It's just me.

It's just the way I see you

The way I hold space for you

The way I highlight your beauty

The way I support your shadows

The way I encourage your growth

The way I love you as you are

You will just feel at ease - you simply need to see for yourself to really know.

barrie orillia oro medonte boudoir photographer

You don't need to worry with Bedhead Boudoir

The great thing about a session with me is that it’s just the two of us, nobody else around. I am there to help you feel beautiful, confident, and comfortable while posing you in great light and producing beautiful photos. This truly is a judgement-free zone.

Within 20 minutes, most clients are 100% comfortable and confident and leave the session feeling like the most beautiful woman in the world!

I've seen some profound transformations, like women going from wanting to stay completely concealed to experimenting with implied nudity and LOVING IT! You'll know what you're ready for during your session, and I will meet you there.