"I am worthy of my wholeness"

This one sentence, is exactly how Bri from Outside the Box Coaching has changed my life & the lives of other people that are struggling with self-limiting beliefs and childhood conditioning — as we ALL do

You are worthy of returning to your authentic self

But, what does that even mean?

I've talked about conditioning.

When I talk about our conditioning to never feel good enough about ourselves, to look for external validation, to self sabotage when we feel stuck… I’m talking about the life lessons that Bri has taught me over the last couple years.

Reel from @being_b.r.i's instagram that makes me LOL every time

What I'm saying is this...

In the truest form of the word, she saved me, from me.

It is because of Bri that Bedhead and our message could ever come to life

It is because of the gruelling, painful and uncomfortable inner child work that she has endlessly supported me through

It is because of the unconditional love, encouragement & empathy she teaches by example

Bedhead is because Outside the Box Coaching is 

I am because we are — Ubuntu — just another beautiful thing she has taught me

Let's hear from our girl, Bri...

"I never saw myself doing this...

Being an entrepreneur, helping people reparent their inner child, creating programs and courses to assist people in their growth - I saw none of this for myself.

It found me, as all the best things do.

My work as an Inner Child Coach is the perfect intersection of my education (Child & Youth Care), my passion (Being a Leader) and my life's mission (to return myself and as many people as are willing to come with me, to authenticity)"

Bri's personal beliefs/lens through which she creates all of her courses

If I had never taken the chance...

If I never invested in Outside the Box Coaching with Bri, I never would have leapt outside of MY comfort zone and created my business, my life the way I have

I wouldn't have had the lady balls to take a solo trip to my favourite place on earth and explore the world and myself with nobody else there to guide me.

Now, that might not sound scary to everyone, but it was the most terrifying and incredible and scary and life changing thing I have ever done.

I wouldn't be able to walk around and be a loud, goofy human without the confidence she helped me find

I would still be self-sabotaging, desperately searching for others to love me and make me feel worthy, and giving all of myself to others with nothing left over for me

All of that has changed. All of it.

Barrie Boudoir Photographer standing infront of Lake Louise, AB with camera
Barrie Boudoir Photographer standing infront of Lake Louise, AB with camera
Barrie Boudoir Photographer standing infront of Lake Louise, AB with camera
Barrie Boudoir Photographer standing infront of Lake Louise, AB with camera

Everything changed for me.

This is why when I created Bedhead Boudoir and started brainstorming what businesses I could partner up with — Bri was the first to come to mind

She helped me love myself the way I want to help you love your self

Not only do our messages align completely, but her lessons and teachings have helped me through the most transformative, painful and healing years of my life so far

Her authenticity and courage to show up as her worst and not apologize for it has inspired me to keep going through the worst of times and to show myself compassion while I do it

Through fun, exciting and informative workshops that take place over Zoom — Bri helps challenge your limiting beliefs, show you a better way & helps you practice until it’s your new habit

Doesn't hurt that there's always belly-aching laughs between the group of us

It's always a fucking blast connecting together on Zoom and supporting each other

Bri built us a safe, inclusive community.

Here's what one of Bri's clients had to say:

“I have never known myself as well as I do because of this program. 

I have never chased everyday authenticity until now.

I have never experienced God or spirituality until I met Brianne."

When I say you need her...

I mean you NEED HER 🗣

All Bedhead clients get a FREEBIE to chat one-on-one with this wonderful, hilarious Spiritual Inner Child Coach with the enrolment of any of her programs (I’ll see you there because… I’m in almost every single one)

I know you don’t know how valuable this is yet, but if you take the leap, it will instantly become obvious to you 

However you may be struggling, we see you.

We hear you.

We love you.

We are you.

And we are here to help. 

Click here to connect with Bri and be a part of her incredible online community of healing, empathy and nonstop love. 

You deserve to feel safe and free in your own body

Bri will help you see your inherent worth & take steps toward loving yourself

Another Testimonial from Bri's happy clients:

“I loved the program so much that between the test group and the actual program, I even bought a mini session because I wanted that connection with my inner child and I wasn’t yet able to do that without the program. 

It has really transformed me. I’m now able to speak to [my inner child] and that has made my life so much easier. I can identify my feelings, which is major, by connecting to my inner child and allowing her to express through my adult self what I couldn’t as a child.

My major takeaway — how much more emotionally aware I am now because of my connection to my inner child. 

If you’re interested in a program like this, or you like Disney, and you’re willing to put in work to heal yourself…come open minded, watch the movies, and I guarantee you will leave feeling so much better about yourself & have so much more awareness of yourself.”

~ Morgan

More from the voice of authenticity herself:

I say "reparenting your inner child" and I think I confuse a lot of people...

Wtf does that mean Bri? Reparent? My Inner Child?

Here's my best (quick) description of reparenting one's inner child:

It starts with examining your conditioning, exploring how that conditioning impacts you today, and making the intentional choice of whether or not you want to continue with those beliefs.

The reparenting part is the work that comes after that: rewriting the beliefs you don't want to keep, teaching yourself all of the things you wish you had learned the first time, providing the safety, support, love, trust and understanding that you never got from the adults in your life. It does not mean blaming your parents or resenting how you grew up.

It means exposing yourself to the freedom and power that lies within you, as the Creator of your own reality.

My programs, courses and coaching containers are a meeting place for beings who long to stand in their power, to know themselves more, to truly live their lives - and that, to me, is magic. ✨

My signature 10-week program "Less Limits, More Magic" will open for enrolment first thing in the New Year. This program is the intersection of fun, depth, adventure and transformation. It uses movies as a tool in the reparenting process, and building trust, love and respect for ourselves as we explore who we used to be and who we want to be.

We cover themes like: honouring self, acceptance of self and others, belonging, trust in self, and more. Click here to join the waitlist and be the first to know when enrolment opens!

~ Brianne from Outside the Box Coaching

So, what's holding you back? Schedule an intro call with Bri today.

You will not regret it.