Through the Seasons

There are so many milestones, events, and seasons of your life you're going to want to document and celebrate.

Think of it like a life-long scrapbook project. One day when you're old and retired, you're going to want to have a collection of Albums protecting your most intimate, beautiful, youthful memories. I know that you will cherish these like your prized possession. How cool would it be to be able to look back on those feelings?

I've mentioned before the excitement of giving AND getting a sexy Anniversary gift, but let's chat today about some other occasions you may want to mark with a boudoir shoot!

Bridal Boudoir

This one's a given: Bridal Boudoir sessions are very popular. What better way to treat your man to classy, timeless gift and have a mindset-changing experience all to yourself?

In my FREE GUIDE (you can get a copy by opting into our emails on the home page 😉 ) has examples of ideas on how to gift your spouse-to-be their album containing some beautiful & empowering images of you, feeling yourself like you never thought possible.

I'll even help you with your alibi, so nobody knows unless/until you want them to!

Why is the Bridal stage in your life so important?

Well, you're about to undergo a major lifestyle change. Your body is likely in its best shape (I'm not saying that it needs to be, or should be, but many brides are already working on their wedding bod) so why not show it off?

Your wedding might also be the only time you splurge yourself with hair, makeup and fancy outfits... and you should enjoy these things more than once in your lifetime!

Maternity Boudoir

This is an important one.

You might be feeling the shittiest physically you've ever felt. You may feel ok. You may feel great. I don't know how you're feeling!

What I do know is this: your body is changing, in the most incredible and profound way, and it will likely never be the same again after this.

Change is not the enemy. But it can still be really scary.

Don't you want to have a clear before & after of that time when, no big deal, your body just created A HUMAN BEING, and then brought it into this world as safely and as lovingly as possible before snapping back into a new/different shape...!?!?!?!?

This is a big deal, and it deserves its own album.

Also...there's something so empowering, beautiful, emotional, and raw about implied nude maternity boudoir (below!)

maternity nude boudoir baby shower bridal lingerie wedding plus size shein
maternity nude boudoir baby shower bridal lingerie wedding plus size shein

5 Year Anniversary

I don't have children - but hitting the 5 year milestone with your significant other means both of your bodies are much different than when you first met.

This is completely normal, although it's the mentality that is often harder to cope with than it is the new body.

Why not try to transform both? Get those "after" shots by documenting your 5 year anniversary and surprising them with the Album, designed to last a lifetime!

Have you treated yourself since the wedding? Since the last big occasion? Well maybe you don't need another one, you just need to choose to do something for YOU to celebrate your growth as a woman.

10 Year Anniversary

Ten years together is A HUGE ACCOMPLISHMENT! Honestly, y'all should be booking a couples boudoir shoot at this point!

Now is an excuse to go "all out". Get everything done: brows, lashes, hair, makeup, waxing, spray tan, or none of these things if they don't feel right for YOU. Feel like a goddess, whatever that looks like for you.

Get the new outfits, the new shoes, the big Album. All of those things you've been waiting years for an excuse to do... do it.

You will BOTH love seeing you in this new light!

A Break Up or Divorce

I know... you're sad, you're disappointed, maybe you're thinking "here I am, again, starting over."

Or maybe the break up was ugly and you feel low, depressed, alone...

Take a deep breath and decide that you're going to pick yourself back up. You're going to self-care until you're blue in the face because that is exactly what you need and deserve.

It won't end with a photoshoot - but a Boudoir session during a time of break up is profoundly moving. It's empowering. It reminds you who YOU ARE, not who you were in your relationship.

A boudoir session after a break up is the ultimate "pick me up" - I know just what you need!

You're never alone with me. I'll always be there.

Honourable Mentions

Some more seasons in your life to document & celebrate:

  • Moving to a new city
  • Starting/finishing college
  • Intentional weight loss
  • Intentional weight gain
  • Struggling with body image/sensuality
  • Struggling with self-love
  • Marriage/vow renewal
  • Engagement
  • Pregnancy announcement

The possibilities are endless. I hope you're resonating with some of the milestones in this blog and if you are, let me know when you're ready to book in your self-care Boudoir shoot!

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