It's a Digital World, but...

We live in a very digital age

It’s tempting to only want images on your phone, where everything else is, and skip the prints. So convenient, right?

So, what’s the problem with that?

First off, digital images disappear all the time

Devices corrupt, files get lost, phones break or get dropped in water, and so many more circumstances where digital images are wiped clean forever and people are left heartbroken

I always back your images up to 3 separate places so I know I will always have a back up — but still, things happen and images can vanish when we least expect it

A polaroid sits on an old radiator. Barrie Luxury Boudoir Photographer
Premium Boudoir Albums and champagne. Barrie Boudoir Photographer.

Here's my advice.

I highly recommend my clients allow me to create and deliver a Premium Boudoir Album of your session so you never ever have to worry about your images disappearing, fading or corrupting

We are the most photographed generation, isn’t that insane?

Like think of how many photos we have of ourselves these days when as a child, we might have a handful or a dozen to show from all of those years

We are constantly documenting what we’re doing and sending it off to our Stories for our followers to see and enjoy — or we save photos on our phone where we can so easily lose them. Convenient, but risky.

Ever dropped your phone in a toilet and lost everything? …Yeah, me neither… 😉

Maybe you want to wait for the right time, but shit happens...

Maybe you lose your phone

Maybe your computer corrupts

Maybe the cloud glitches and your photos are nowhere to be found

Now what?

Champagne and luxury prints and albums sit at home. Luxury Boudoir Photographer Barrie
Barrie Boudoir Photographer sorting through prints.

It's weird...

Isn’t it sad to think about how we won’t really see physical photo prints like we used to?

I used to love going through prints from my parents’ disposable cameras where my brother and I were jumping, laughing and dancing into the frame!

Our kids and grandkids might not ever get that same experience, but we can continue to gift this little luxury to ourselves

So... what am I saying here?

As our technological generation continues to advance quickly, digital files will not always keep up or be viable

Remember when we used to have photos on CDs? I don’t even have a disk drive now…

USB drives and CD’s get damaged, files corrupted or distorted and digital images get lost

Albums & Prints laid out. Barrie Boudoir Photographer.
Going through sample albums with champagne. Barrie Boudoir Photographer

Digitals shouldn't be your only copy of your images.

Digital images are a great backup or a quick reminder of your power and confidence — but opening up your very own leather-wrapped Premium Boudoir Album is going to Blow. Your. Mind.

You pull it out of your nightstand drawer & slide your fingers across the beautiful distressed leather cover

You flip the extra-thick, unbreakable pages and your eyes sweep across the vibrant colours and vivid clarity

You get to be your very own centrefold with this lay-flat Album of your dreams 

You’ll never have to worry about your Album corrupting, getting deleted or distorted, or changing in anyway.

When you order an album, you are given a care card that literally helps preserve it for your lifetime.

They are durable and when taken care of they will last throughout your lifetime whenever you need to call on those feelings of power, sexiness and courage.

Premium Album. Barrie Boudoir pHotographer. Boudoir Shoot. Bridal Boudoir.
Album, camera, champagne, lingerie, high heels. Luxury Boudoir Photographer Barrie, ON

To wrap it up,

Essentially I’m saying that no matter who your photographer is, ask about the prints.

You need to see yourself this way. 

Think about it, why do we hire a photographer?

To capture us still in time and have permanent souvenirs so that we are able to remember how we felt, looked and acted in the prime of our lives

Life is short…You deserve to feel confident, powerful and beautiful every single day of your life

You will feel this way every time you open your Album and get to hold it in your hands 

HaeBae looking through a luxury album and feeling beautiful. Barrie Boudoir Photographer
HaeBae Holistics showing off a Luxury Boudoir Album. Barrie Boudoir Photography

And prints, too!

Let’s talk quality…

I know it’s tempting to go to Walmart and pay 37 cents for a print that is ready in minutes

But the quality that you paid your photographer to achieve and give to you gets chopped to bits, so what was the point?

These quick-and-cheap photo print labs sacrifice real quality and clarity for a lower price point, and they are just not worth the trade off

For these reasons, whoever your photographer is, I recommend you order prints through them. Chances are, they have a reputable, high-quality print lab in their list of vendors that will cost more and deliver a timeless top-tier quality and clarity photo print, gift wrapped and sent right to your door

When you feel brave enough to book your boudoir session — print a photo, grab a premium album, and you will believe in the difference & feel the luxury. (With every album purchase, you also get the digital copies of your chosen images complimentary!)

Click here to book a session with your Barrie Boudoir Photographer and design a Boudoir Album showcasing the new love you have for your body and yourself. I can't wait to show you 🖤

Vermomica seeing her boudoir images for the first time. Barrie Boudoir Photography. IPS Gallery Reveal.
Vermomica seeing her boudoir images for the first time. Barrie Boudoir Photography. IPS Gallery Reveal.