Level it up.

Using accessories can really spice up your boudoir session, and draw the eye in the best way.

Accessorizing also brings more of your unique personality into your gallery, which is always a good thing.

That being said, there's still rules to accessories during your session so that they can be a highlight, not a distraction.

First, let's go through the rules - then we will dive into 5 ways you can use accessories to level up your boudoir game!

House Rules.

  1. Necklaces. Necklaces are the pesky ones! They can dangle, twist, or hang in the weirdest ways during certain poses. This can be difficult or impossible to fix during the editing process, so it's best to stick with chokers and not hanging necklaces.
  2. Heels: they gotta be high! If they aren't at least 4 inches, we shouldn't bother. The bigger the heel, the bigger the sex appeal. 😉 I have sizes 5-10 available to you at the studio as well, included with most session types.
  3. Ring: bring that engagement ring! We will incorporate it into your gallery and album

5 Options for Accessories

  1. Heels. The most obvious choice, bring some high heels. Preferably pumps, as this style really elongates the legs and lifts the booty. Don't worry about walking in them - we will get you into the pose before putting them on. Black works best!
  2. High socks. Knee or thigh high socks are the perfect accessory for your sweater & panties look. Cute and sexy all wrapped up in one!
  3. Pearls. A timeless look, pearl chokers, earrings and bracelets always bring a classy vibe to your images. Real or faux, no one will be the wiser.
  4. Hats. This can be tough with lighting, but with angles we can make it work. Fedoras or baseball caps work great!
  5. Jewelry. Jewelry can be tough as well because some things move during the posing process, and it can be hard to constantly keep an eye on the clasps. With the right accessories like chokers instead of loose necklaces, we got this. Body chains also look incredibly sexy for standing poses!

In conclusion, accessories can bring such a bright, new energy to your outfits, when thought out carefully. Regardless of these rules, if an accessory is important to you and/or your partner, we will find a way to photograph it ❤️